Recycled Pallets

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This is a cute idea!

Starter Pots  
Starter pots made out of recycled newspaper is such a great idea!  A co-worker of mine and his wife made their starter pots out of recycled paper from work.

Found this at a blog I follow called Cottage Hill (See link below).  Lindy does a great job explaining how to make these.

Image and Full Instructuctions @: Cottage Hill

Raised Bed Gardens  

Compact Vegetable Garden: Boys'Life provides a list of everything you will need to build this raised bed garden.

Image: Boys'Life

Rain Barrel

Make a rain barrel to save money and water.

Image and Complete Instructions @:  Better Homes and Gardens


Last year I realized that my herbs took up a lot of room in my raised bed garden.  This year I'm going to put them in pots and take them out of the garden area completely.  Here are different ways to plant herbs.
 Image: micasarevista

Image: Houzz

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