Sunday, March 4, 2012


We have been thinking of getting chickens for a while and this Sunday my husband and I picked up our first chicks.

Image by: Back Yard Farming
Image by: Back Yard Farming
Rhode Island Red

Information about Rhode Island Red Chickens:

This type of chicken is known as a utility bird. They are typically raised for meat and eggs. They seem to be the choice for backyard flocks because of their laying egg abilities and hardiness. They are thought to be friendly chickens with a good nature and are said to be good pets for children. They are also tough birds, resistant to illness, docile, quiet and friendly.

Since we live in Colorado they were also picked because they are known to be good layers through cold periods. They are frequent layers, and are well-known for their brown eggs and have been known to produce up to 200 eggs per year and a healthy one can lay more. Healthy hens can lay up to 6-7 eggs per week depending on their care.


My Pet Chicken
Information on Rhode Island Red Chickens.