Thursday, March 1, 2012

Garden From Scratch

In 2008 we purchased our first home.  We bought it from an older lady and it was in need of a more modern youthful touch.  After we did a lot of work to the house i.e. (painting, scraping ceilings, installing wood floors, getting rid of doilies, sod, and re-siding our house) I was in need of something a little more low key.  So, we decided to start a small garden in the back yard.  This is of coarse a work in progress and this year our little "Back Yard Farming" project will be a little bigger.

We started out by building an 8 ft X 4 ft cedar raised bed garden.  Please see below for pictures and I will also post a material list if anyone is interested.

<>Image by: <>Back Yard Farming
BEFORE: As you can see, there was river rock around the entire perimeter of the yard. We have since put in sod but the hill to the left of the picture was left alone. This is where we will be putting in our raised bed garden.

Image by: Back Yard Farming
STEP 2: Rent or pull out your rototiller

Image by: Back Yard Farming
STEP 2-A: Rototiller if needed. Our back yard consists mostly of hard clay and needed it.

  STEP 3: Build the garden box.

 Materials: 6 cedar (non- treated) 2 in x 6 in. x 8 ft. boards. 
                     Cut 2 of them in half.
                     1 4 in x 4 in cedar post for the corners.
                     Cut into 2 ft lengths.
Screw the boards to the corner posts to form the 4 ft x 8 ft. box and place over prepared area.
Image by: Back Yard Farming
STEP 4: Figure out a layout and what type of plants you would like to plant and if you have time to do a starter seed kit, this is the cheaper way to go instead buying the already grown plants.

Image by: Back Yard Farming
STEP 5: Keep warm, put in sun, water, and be patient.

Image by: Back Yard Farming
Image by: Back Yard Farming
Enjoy  :)